Terms of Service

  1. This policy outlines the nVpn terms and conditions of usage. By signing up with and/or utilizing any nVpn service, you agree to be bound by the following terms of this document and the terms of the other named policies included herein by reference and to keep updated on changes as these policies may change at any time.

  2. nVpn desires all members to reasonably use its service. To that end, any customer who puts unreasonable demands upon the service may be curtailed in order to ensure the best possible service for all members.

    If a member appears to be unable to maintain a reasonable use of the service, nVpn may cancel, suspend or decline to renew service for that member without notice. It is within nVpn's sole discretion to determine what comprises are a unreasonable use.

  3. nVpn accounts are meant for a single user, individual use only. Any non-individual use, or any use that is indistinguishable from non-individual use, is prohibited. For example, the following uses are prohibited under this section:

    * Sharing a login between people

  4. nVpn has and always will stand behind a strict no-log policy. Further details below, are going to outline what this in the reality means and how it gets accomplished:

    Things we do not keep to operate the service:

    [-] No logging of connected IPs
    [-] No logging of IPs placing an order or accessing the members area
    [-] No logging of session duration times, neither the quantity of connected devices
    [-] No logging of visited Websites, or any other activities on that matter
    [-] No logging of consumed Traffic amounts

    Things we do keep to operate the service:

    [+] Email (additonal note: a working email is not always required, payment solutions like Paysafecard, Amazon, PerfectMoney and any of the Crypto coins (ETH, BTC, BCH, ..) don't require a working email - account will be presented right after the order, regardless of the email)
    [+] Payment transaction ID

    All utilized protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec IKEv1 | IKEv2, Squid & Socks5 Proxy, sTunnel) are setup in a way to prevent privacy weakening / critical output (/dev/null). The minimal customer data needed (see above) is stored in a secure, outsourced cluster solution, which is entirely separated from the Website and all other kinds of VPN related services.

  5. nVpn prohibits the use of any of its services in any of the following ways:

    * Spamming (e-mail, Usenet, message boards, etc.)
    * Copyright, trademark, and patent infringement.
    * Defamatory or abusive language
    * IP Spoofing
    * Illegal or unauthorized access to other computers or networks
    * Distribution of Internet viruses, worms or other destructive activities
    * Export control violations
    * All other illegal activities

  6. We cannot be and are not responsible for the contents of any of your communications through any nVpn service. The Internet is a large community that regards censorship as worse than obscenity. Through the use of nVpn services, you will have access to and you will at some time, or another become exposed to materials that you may find offensive. Such materials include sexually explicit text and images, pro-religious and anti-religious debate, questionable political views, and hateful speech. nVpn expressly disclaims liability for any harm resulting from encountering such material.

  7. nVpn takes copyright and other intellectual property rights very seriously and we encourage you to do the same. You are responsible for determining the legal status of any intellectual property you use or copy through any nVpn service. nVpn cannot and does not review the information flowing through its services. You agree to not transfer copyrighted works through the service without the express permission of the copyright holder.

  8. You are responsible for all actions that occur regarding your account. As a condition of service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless nVpn, its officers, employees, agents, shareholders and partners for any cause of action out of your account with use or your use of the service.

  9. Any member has the possibility to order the additional "Server Switch" function inside Members Area which allows to instantly switch, to any desired Country in seconds, fully automatic and instant.

  10. We do have a 3 day money back guarantee here at nVpn. However, due to abuse, we ONLY refund if the service has been down, or the client is actually technically unable to connect to our service (excluding network maintenance and hardware upgrades). Refunds are solely handled on goodwill and our discretion.

    Reasoning a refund with:

    [-] I made a fault and ordered "accidently"
    [-] My Paypal account has been used to place the Order without consent
    [-] I have found another VPN provider in the meantime
    [-] I dont need it anymore
    [-] I cant access a particular website
    [-] Im getting "bad" speed (contact support - ask for a server switch)
    [-] I didnt know/read about the 2 days delay time with Paypal
    [-] Paysafecards, Amazon Giftcodes are excluded from a Refund possibility

    are NO valid refund reasons! Please do not order, unless you read and accepted the Refund Policy.

  11. nVpn reserves the right to suspend, terminate or refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

  12. nVpn reserves the right to revise, supplement or rescind any of our policies or terms of service at any time, without prior notice. It is the member's sole responsibility to remain informed of our current Terms of Service including all other named policies included by reference therein.

  13. By signing up for any nVpn service, you agree to the nVpn Terms of Service including all other policies incorporated by reference.